Ma'ale Michmas
Settling the Land of Israel - In the heart of the Binyamin region


Dancing on Independence Day - Photo by Eli File

Ma'ale Michmas is a National-Religious community of 200 families, with a total of nearly 1000 people. On the most basic level, to be accepted to the community, prospective residents are expected to be Shabbat-observant married couples and families. Beyond this, the community's residents are quite diverse. Approximately 70% of families are Ashkenazi and 30% Sephardic. Family sizes vary greatly, from newly-married couples to families of eleven or twelve children. Most children live at home until after their army or national service.

Almost all men are employed full-time, with most commuting to Jerusalem daily, and some to other towns and cities. Most women are also employed, but a sizable minority stay home with their children full-time. There are also a few people that study Torah full-time, and some university and college students. Many people work in the community itself, mostly in the educational institutions.

Here are some of the people whose workplaces are in the community:

Here are some of the area firms owned or operated by people in the community:

Approximately 75% of adult residents are native-born Israelis, with the immigrants coming from various countries: United States, Canada, South Africa, England, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, France, Russia, Morocco, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and others.

Almost all men have completed compulsory military service in the IDF, and continue to serve yearly in the reserves. A number of residents are commissioned officers, some senior and quite a few have served or are serving in elite units.

Boys Choir - Photo by Eli File Many people are involved in volunteer activities in the community. Examples are planning and organizing such events as concerts, lectures, group trips, sports competitions, charity fairs, tree-planting. There are also several official committees staffed by volunteers, as well as the Residents' Committee (Mazkirut).

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