Ma'ale Michmas
Settling the Land of Israel - In the heart of the Binyamin region


The security is managed by our local security officer (known in Hebrew by its acronym RavShatz). He coordinates the various security issues with the regional army command, as well as taking care of organizing the guard duty.

He is bolstered by an Emergency Response Team (ERT) made up of local residents, many of them veterans of elite IDF combat units.

The ERT is currently in need of some new gear - and you can help!

Are you visiting Israel soon? You can bring some gear with you. The gear we need is not illegal to transport to Israel, nor to export from the US. The only precaution is that it is in small quantites (sub-$200 US) per person, so that it is not a problem for the Israeli Customs Authority. The gear can also be mailed (sub-$100 US).

Some of the gear we need is:
Tactical flashlight pressure switches Click to enlarge
CR123A Lithium batteries for tactical flashlights Click to enlarge
Tactical knee and elbow pads Click to enlarge

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

First Aid

The community is fortunate to have an ambulance on loan from Magen David Adom. There are several members from the community who serve as volunteer ambulance drivers, after having taken the intense MDA course. The volunteer medics are often paged to assist victims of traffic accidents on the roads surrounding the community.

Besides the ambulance volunteers, there are a few licensed paramedics in the community, as well as several men who serve as combat medics in the IDF reserves.

We are currently soliciting donations for emergency first aid kits to supply the paramedics and some of the medics. These kits contain oxygen tanks and other resuscitation gear.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

Thank you for your support!

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