Ma'ale Michmas
Settling the Land of Israel - In the heart of the Binyamin region
 Video Vault

Video Vault

First Grade Music Video - 2007

To the tune of "Walk Like an Egyptian"

Jerusalem Day 5767/2007

Re-enactment of the Ammunition Hill Battle

Dance Routine #1

Dance Routine #2

Performance of the Ganim

Flags and Bicycles

Purim 5767/2007

Costume Parade at Gan Charuv.

Tu B'Shvat 5767/2007

Tree planting in memory of Yehuda Greenfield, killed in the Second Lebanon War.

Gan Tamar - 2006

Watch the kids from Gan Tamar do "The Twist"

Michmas Bar Mitzvah

Part of the celebrations from August, 1994

The Webmaster Goes Bungee Jumping

Las Vegas - January, 1994

Some photographs © Eli File.
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